We know many of you are just as motivated as we are to help keep good, used stuff out of the landfills. If you're on board for the same environmental reasons we are -- or if you simply are coming into a broad array of cast-off goods and trying to avoid the landfill, you may be actively seeking to channel unneeded/found items to the right places.

Wanna help us proactively source secondhand materials for reuse projects and to support customer demand for specific functional items? This list is for you, and our goal is to find win-win partnerships where your desire to reduce waste aligns with our efforts to replace demand for new goods with demand for high quality secondhand items. Our goal is to get better at creating a collaborative material supply in response to market demands. If you're looking for a way to offset the impact of your own consumption by ushering goods to people who can use them, this is a great way to do it.

Questions? Shoot 'em to us at info@shopjunket.com.


-julie & the junket crew
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